Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I did not learn Burmese. I picked up a few new words from my wife, but I’m far from ordering Mohinga and making small talk with the waiter. This TED talk from Derek Sivers probably best explains my failure.

Maggie is still helping me learn Burmese but in a more reasonable way than Tim Ferriss’ and within a more realistic timeframe than three months. I’ll be keeping said way and timeframe to myself.


Written by Ryan Staples

writer / director / editor

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  1. I struggle with new languages. I find myself wishing I could just download it into my head, Matrix-style.

    I think learning a new language is not a straight-line progression. I think a person can go a long time without any apparent progress, then suddenly take a big leap. Best of luck on the journey, however it works out for you.

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