I discovered Tim Ferriss on July 9, 2009 at the [now closed] Borders on 33rd and 7th in New York City. Contentment with the [now over] job that had sent me to The Big Apple for [now outdated] Apple Motion 3 training was waning. Thus The 4-Hour Workweek title drew me as a tractor beam. I picked it up along with Lafcadio Hearn’s Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan and a tall coffee. The following evening at a Starbucks down the street, dreaming of Japan and a shorter workweek, I began Tim’s book, the prologue serendipitously penned in Tokyo. I’d love to say that evening changed my life. And for the mere fact that I met Tim Ferriss and his experiments in lifestyle design, it may have. However, I wasn’t ready for 4HWW. I made it halfway through the book and put it down skeptical, intimidated, and thoroughly daunted but haunted, haunted by the notion that I lacked the three currencies of this age: Time, Income, and Mobility.

My view from Starbucks on 35th and 7th as I first read The 4-Hour Workweek. (Photo: iPhone 3G, 7/10/09)

Six years have passed. I now have a different job that I enjoy, but I’m still dreaming of Japan (among other things), a more efficient workweek, and one day finding TIM. Perhaps the time is right to begin my own experiments in lifestyle design.


Written by Ryan Staples

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